How to protect your home and neighborhood!  

It's not easy being one of the best and most preserved neighborhoods in Houston and it seems we need to be ever vigilant using all the available preservation tools we have to protect our little bit of heaven.
Before you decide which tools to use, you should first verify in which Woodland Heights subdivision your home is located.  Most residents are unaware that the Woodland Heights area is actually comprised of over 54 subdivisions!  Some have protections, some don't! The Deed Restrictions button in the left menu column has a map of all Woodland Heights subdivisions.

Another way to determine your subdivision name is to go to and search for your address.  HCAD displays your homes’ subdivision name, block and lot/track.


Currently there are four preservation methods available to protect our neighborhood. Below is an outline of the pros and cons for each. The left menu column provides a more detailed explanation of what each provides with maps showing what part of our neighborhood is currently protected.

  Deed Restrictions Historict District Minimum Lot Size Minimum Building Line
Prevent high density development where lot will need to be split (townhomes) Yes Yes Yes No
Prevent high density development where lot will not need to be split (condominiums and apartments) Yes Yes No No
Setbacks (MBL only can protect front setbacks) Yes Yes No Yes
Protect Architectural style and scale Yes Yes No No
Demolition of historic structures No Yes No No
Define / Limit commercial land use Yes No No No
Tracked by City No Yes Yes Yes
Approval rate to secure 50% 67% 51% 51%