We love our homes and our neighborhood!!


Woodland Heights Subdivision received Historic District Designation in June of 2011 through the hard work and dedication of neighborhood  volunteers.

"Signs"  of Preservation in the Neighborhood

You may have noticed some signs that have been posted in the 200 block of Teetshorn and the 400 block of Merrill.  These are signs for the Minimum Lot Size Applications that were submitted by Jeanine Georgiou and Erin Matthews.

Minimum Lot Size is just one of the many neighborhood tools that we can use to preserve our neighborhood from indiscriminate development.

The development of condos on Morrison serves as a lesson as to what developers will do.  They will build as much as they can on the lots they have  with little regard to neighborhood character and quality of life. 

It is up to every resident in Woodland Height to be vigilant and to use all the tools that they can to protect our incredible neighborhood.  Our Preservation Tools section describes what we can do to preserve our little bit of heaven




Preserve Woodland Heights is dedicated to the safeguarding of historic homes located within the area know as Greater Woodland Heights. Woodland Heights is comprised of approximately 52 individual subdivisions.

 To date we have seen the successful establishment of two historic districts, Woodland Heights Historic District and Germantown Historic District. Collectively, these Districts encompass approximately 457 early turn-of-the-century homes with a variety of styles. Examples of the Queen Anne, bungalow, craftsman, late Victorian cottages, American Four Square, and English cottage styles are found throughout the neighborhoods. 

 Historic homes can be protected in a number of ways. For example:

 Deed Restrictions – Although many portions of Woodland Heights are deed restricted, none of those restrictions call for architectural integrity.  Consider amending your deed restrictions to require architectural consideration. If your area is not deed restricted, contact your WHCA officer deedrestrictions@woodland-heights.org to determine the best way to secure restrictions.

Landmark – In Houston, a property owner can make application to have their property declared a City of Houston Landmark or Protected Landmark. Currently there are three Landmark properties in Woodland Heights. Specifications for Landmark designation can be found at http://www.houstontx.gov/planning/Forms/hist/designated_lndmrk_app.pdf

Historic Districts – The City’s Historic Preservation Ordinance provides a venue whereby a designated area can be protected against wholesale demolition and construction of inappropriate architectural styles.  Again, specific criteria must be met and can be found at http://www.houstontx.gov/planning/Forms/hist/Hist_Des_App.pdf

Minimum Lot Size – Preserving our lot sizes preserves the historic look and feel of our neighborhood and helps fight overdevelopment. If your block is not shown as protected on the map  contact us to determine the requirements to achieve this protection.


If you are interested in preserving the integrity of your home or subdivision, please contact us at info@preservewoodlandheights.org .


Preserve Woodland Heights Committee

Vicky Bettis (713) 397-9336

Sharon Greiff (713) 868-1579