In June of 2011 Woodland Heights Subdivision received Historic District designation from the City of Houston, thus preserving an architectural gem.

Located within two miles from downtown Houston and just north of White Oak Bayou, the Woodland Heights is a community established during the early twentieth century by the William Wilson Realty Company.

In October 1907, William A. Wilson, Joseph B. Bowles, Rufus Cage, James A Baker, Jr., and J. M. Cotton began sales of land and the construction of houses within a stretch of land totaling 106 acres I.

Over the last hundred years the neighborhood has managed to retain much of the character that the founders intended. Enough of the bungalows, four-squares, and cottages remain that the neighborhood is able to showcase a variety of houses each year for its home tours.

Significant examples include the Wilson Home at 205 Bayland (completed in 1911) and the Rolle Painter House at 530 Byrne (completed by 1910). The Woodland Heights is a lasting example of a streetcar suburb created from the beginning of the twentieth century.