Welcome to the Preserve Woodland Heights website; a web site owned and operated by neighbors residing in the Woodland Heights subdivision. We support preservation of Woodland Heights’ historic homes and unique “small town near downtown” character. We believe Houston's Historic Preservation Ordinance is the best tool available to protect our historic homes from demolition and encourage compatible growth.


Our purpose for this web site is twofold.

First, we offer advice and services to those within Woodland Heights proper who wish to achieve historic designation for their block(s). Many useful links are on our website and you may contact any of the Committee Chairs who will gladly answer questions.


Second, this website is a repository for historical records and architectural information about Woodland Heights. In that regard, we are looking for photos, documents, and writings capturing Woodland Heights during its 100+ years of development. Please click here to contact us if you have documents or photos to share.

Committee Chairs

Vicky Bettis  (713) 397-9336
Sharon Greiff (713) 868-1579  

Contact Us at info@preservewoodlandheights.org

Preserve Woodland Heights
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